Distant Holy Fire Reiki Session 1/2 hour

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A Distant Holy Fire Reiki Session 

This takes part within the realms of spirit.

Working with holy fire reiki allows one to become more conscious of their spirit body. You can become spiritually conscious, by being assisted through the realms of spirit, within the alignment of your being for your current incarnation.

Keith has had visions since childhood of his own life and future world events. He often sees through the realms of spirit and at times into peoples previous lives. He is aware of many previous lives he sees through of his own. He uses his natural abilities of response within the realms of spirit to hold space with the modality of Holy Fire Reiki to assist a person to become more spiritually conscious.

Spiritual consciousness is true consciousness. Psychological consciousness is only states of mind constructs. Becoming conscious of ones spirit and its alignment through time and space, through the spirit to the soul, allows one to have clearer abilities of response, responsibilities, within the realms of spirit.

Spiritual consciousness allows one to incarnate more clearly and fully within the physical realm. It allows one to transcend dis/ease of spirit, including attachments/entities and discord, to ground more clearly into a physical body. It allows one to resonate more clearly from the higher vibrational frequency of their soul.

Being careful to unite with ones own source of connection to the highest frequency of being allows one to forgo becoming lost within the realms of spirit.

Sit, lay down, open to being and learn to breathe more deeply, as you experience a 30 minute distance session of Holy Fire Reiki.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Keith.

1/2 hour session - $50. Upon ordering this option, Keith will contact you to set up a time for this session.




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